Inline optionsΒΆ

Luacheck supports setting some options directly in the checked files using inline configuration comments. These inline options have the highest priority, overwriting both config options and CLI options.

An inline configuration comment is a short comment starting with luacheck: label, possibly after some whitespace. The body of the comment should contain comma separated options, where option invocation consists of its name plus space separated arguments. It can also contain notes enclosed in balanced parentheses, which are ignored. The following options are supported:

Option Number of arguments
global 0
unused 0
redefined 0
unused args 0
unused secondaries 0
self 0
compat 0
module 0
allow defined 0
allow defined top 0
max line length 1 (with no and no arguments disables line length checks)
max code line length 1 (with no and no arguments disables code line length checks)
max string line length 1 (with no and no arguments disables string line length checks)
max comment line length 1 (with no and no arguments disables comment line length checks)
std 1
globals 0+
new globals 0+
read globals 0+
new read globals 0+
not globals 0+
ignore 0+ (without arguments everything is ignored)
enable 1+
only 1+

Options that take no arguments can be prefixed with no to invert their meaning. E.g. --luacheck: no unused args disables unused argument warnings.

Part of the file affected by inline option dependes on where it is placed. If there is any code on the line with the option, only that line is affected; otherwise, everything till the end of the current closure is. In particular, inline options at the top of the file affect all of it:

-- luacheck: globals g1 g2, ignore foo
local foo = g1(g2) -- No warnings emitted.

-- The following unused function is not reported.
local function f() -- luacheck: ignore
   -- luacheck: globals g3
   g3() -- No warning.

g3() -- Warning is emitted as the inline option defining g3 only affected function f.

For fine-grained control over inline option visibility use luacheck: push and luacheck: pop directives:

-- luacheck: push ignore foo
foo() -- No warning.
-- luacheck: pop
foo() -- Warning is emitted.